Care symbols and their meaning

The care symbol on the label of your clothing tells you exactly how to wash and care for the garment. How many degrees can it take? Can it be tumble dried? Does it tolerate bleach?

The care symbols and their meaning are not as complicated as they seem at first glance. We give you an overview.

The basic symbols





Chemical cleaning

The Supplements / Codes

The payment

You can find the numbers in your tub, i.e. the washing symbol. They tell you the maximum temperature at which your clothes can be washed.

The points

You can find the dots in combination with the drying and ironing symbol because they stand for heat. More points mean more heat tolerance.

The bars

There may still be horizontal bars below the symbols for laundry and dry cleaning. They stand for how gently your laundry can be washed. The more bars, the gentler.

the cross

If one of the basic symbols is crossed out, then this treatment must not be applied.


The care symbol for washing usually comes first and concerns the correct washing of your clothes. It is represented by a trough or vat with water and is mainly provided in combination with a number and a bar.


Do not wash

Handwash only.

If the symbol is also provided with a water tap, hand washing must be carried out with cold water.

Normal wash at specified maximum temperature

Easy-care or delicate cycle at specified maximum temperature. One bar means that the spin speed should be reduced.

Wash particularly gently at the specified maximum temperature. Two bars mean that the spin speed should be particularly reduced.

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The care symbol for bleach consists of a triangle and tells you whether your clothes can tolerate bleach or not.


Do not bleach

Oxygen bleaching allowed

Chlorine bleach allowed. This symbol is outdated and no longer up to date.


The circle in a square stands for drying, i.e. whether you can put the garment in the dryer and if so, at what temperature.


Not suitable for the dryer

Drying is possible, gently, at a maximum of 60 degrees.

Normal drying possible

Dry flat

Dry hanging


The iron stands, what a surprise, for ironing. The corresponding dots stand for the heat level that is allowed when ironing.

ironing in general

Do not iron

Iron at low temperature, maximum 110 degrees

Iron at a maximum of 150 degrees

Iron at a maximum of 200 degrees

Chemical cleaning

The last symbol is usually a circle and stands for dry professional cleaning.

However, it is not found on every label and is only relevant for you if you do not want to wash the clothes yourself.

Professional cleaning

Do not dry clean

Normal professional dry cleaning (letter P or F possible)

Gentle professional dry cleaning (letter F or P possible)

Normal professional wet cleaning

Gentle professional wet cleaning

Particularly gentle professional wet cleaning

You can find more tips about washing and care on our blog.

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