White stains on dark laundry: how to remove the residue!

Has your favorite black shirt or chic new business trousers turned into an apparently unkempt piece of clothing with indefinable, light spots when you wash it? What can lead to horrified gasping or a small panic attack at first is actually not that bad. Because you can prevent these nasty white spots on your dark or black clothing with a few tips in the long term and effectively. How? Check out this post to learn more!

White residue on dark laundry? You are not alone with this problem!

Who doesn't know it: The black laundry is taken out of the machine that has just been running, with a pleasant scent - but what is that? The freshly washed clothes are covered with white streaks and light spots! So what to do? First of all, it is advisable in such a case to remain calm and to investigate the causes. Since the stains often come from limescale deposits or detergent residues in the washing machine, you can easily remedy the problem.

Detergent residues in the machine cause light stains on clothing!

One of the most common reasons for light-colored residue on dark-colored garments is detergent left in the machine. These so-called detergent stains occur when the detergent does not completely dissolve in the machine during the washing process. With each wash, more residues get caught in the drum and in the detergent compartments. This often happens when too much laundry is stuffed into the machine and the water cannot circulate sufficiently. Also, using too much detergent can create deposits in the machine, which ultimately lead to white stains on clothes. Therefore, reduce both the mountain of laundry and the amount of detergent - this effectively prevents light stains on your black clothes!

Limescale deposits often leave white stains on dark clothing

Not only the amount of your laundry and the wrong dosage of detergent can lead to light stains on your black clothes: water that is too hard can also be the culprit! Because the higher the lime content, the harder the water. A high lime content causes lime residues to settle in the machine and also in your clothes. This color change is usually not noticeable on light or white clothing, but even more so on dark or black fabrics! In addition, the washing temperature also has an influence on the limescale residues in the machine.

Basically, the warmer the washing water, the more limescale can settle in the washing machine and the more unsightly white spots you will encounter on your laundry!

What can you do about it? Find out about the degree of hardness of the water directly at your place of residence. The responsible institutions can give you information about the water hardness. Depending on whether the water in your location is classified as "soft," "medium," or "hard," you can adjust the amount of detergent according to the package directions.

Prevent white stains on laundry: With these tips, your laundry will stay nice and dark!

Light stains on dark laundry are anything but pretty - but luckily you can quickly and easily remedy the problem with these tips!

This helps against light stains on dark laundry:

  • Clean the machine with citric acid
  • Use washing soda
  • Dose detergent correctly
  • Wash inside out
  • Home remedies as a "saviour in need"

Clean the washing machine with citric acid

To prevent light stains on black laundry, you should clean your washing machine regularly. Citric acid is particularly suitable for this because it is not harmful to the machine or the environment and also leaves a pleasantly fresh scent.

Here you have two options that you should repeat about every two months: Either you put the citric acid directly into the washing drum or into the detergent compartment. If you decide to use the drum washer, simply add about 10 tablespoons of citric acid. Then you put in a wash cycle at a maximum of 40° and pause about halfway through the program so that the acid can take effect. Then finish the washing process as normal.

Alternatively, you can put the citric acid in the detergent compartment and then run the machine. If you only want to clean the detergent compartment, detach it from its holder and place it in a bucket with water and citric acid for about 30 minutes. Then you simply rinse it off with water, put the compartment back in the machine and start a washing cycle as usual.

Water softeners or washing soda effectively remove residue

There are different ways to remove white lime stains on clothing. Sometimes a quick wash cycle helps to make residues disappear. If this trick doesn't work, you should consider using water softeners or ecological washing soda in the future. Washing soda is available inexpensively in the drugstore and is a really great everyday helper!

Depending on the degree of soiling, one to two tablespoons of it - together with a small amount of washing powder - are sufficient to prevent annoying soiling from limescale. However, also pay attention to the individual information from the manufacturer, which you can find on the back of the packaging or the package insert. This not only saves you valuable resources such as water and detergent, but also does your black clothes and yourself a favor.

It depends on the dose: Too much detergent can cause stains

Have you ever thought about how much detergent you use for each wash and how much is actually needed? Many people simply dose detergent according to their feelings, without following the manufacturer's recommendations. This can lead to unsightly stains on dark clothing. Since there is no general answer to the question of the right amount of detergent, it is all the more important to read the detergent packaging! Because there you will find valuable information about the respective product and often also recommendations for the amount of detergent for the different degrees of soiling or water hardness.

If you use the dosing aid that is often supplied, hardly anything can go wrong. Ideally, you use an ecological detergent that leaves no residue in the machine or on the clothes.

By the way: With our bluu washing strips, dosing is very easy. Add 1 to a maximum of 2 sheets of laundry strips to each wash.

Home remedies and simple tricks against white residue on dark clothing

There are other practical application tricks so that you no longer have to worry about white spots on your dark laundry in the future.

For example, you can wash dark laundry on the left side, so you prevent residues on the visible right side. If it is already too late for that and there are white spots on your favorite black shirt, you should try to shake it out vigorously. Careful brushing with a clothes brush or rolling out with a fluff roller has already removed ugly white stains from many a black garment.

Have you become curious and want to learn more about removing stains or the right care of washing machines? In our blog you will find more exciting information on the subject!

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