Viva con Agua

Part of the proceeds from our bluu wash strips have been going to charitable projects in the “Viva con Agua” network since day one.

fltr Roman (founder bluu), Gregor (Managing Director Viva con Agua), Marko (founder bluu) / Photo: Andrin Fretz

We see ourselves as part of a society that wants to positively change the world and life with smart products. That's why a part of our income has been going to charitable projects of the "Viva con Agua" network since day one.

Water for all, all for water

With the donations generated to date, the following aid projects have been supported by «Viva con Agua».

Photo: Viva con Agua

South Africa WASH projects

Our donation share: CHF 17'500

CHF 10,000 for the construction of the WASH infrastructure of a school in the Eastern Cape: construction of water tanks, rain gutters, latrines, hand washing facilities for an average of 400 school children.

CHF 7,500 for the WASH bus in Cape Town: The bus is already in use, but is currently at a fixed location. The bus is to be made mobile so that it can also be at other locations in the city during the week and thus reach even more people.

Photo: David Walter / Viva con Agua


Our donation share: CHF 3'500

100,000 people benefit from 250 new or repaired drinking water systems.

In 105 “Blue Schools”, 21,000 children have sustainable access to drinking water and learn how to use water and hygiene in workshops.

900 people are trained in their maintenance and in the economical use of water.

Photo: Viva con Agua


Our donation share: CHF 4'500

175,000 people in 6 districts in northern Mozambique will have access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Awareness-raising in the area of ​​hygiene by trained authorities, companies, trade associations and water committees is guaranteed.

Photo: Viva con Agua

South Africa WINS

Our donation share: CHF 11'500

With this project, 50 schools and thus over 20,000 school children and their teachers are being made fit for the future.

Clean drinking water, well-designed toilets and creative hygiene workshops make the schools role models nationwide and at the same time strengthen the health of the kids.

Photo: Viva con Agua

WASH Bus Cape Town

Our donation share: CHF 2'500

Contribute to raising awareness of the human right to water and sanitation for the homeless.

Rights-based access to basic WASH services for Cape Town's homeless through a mobile water, sanitation and hygiene facility.

Viva con Agua & bluu

CHF 39'500

bluu has already donated that much to Viva con Agua projects


So many projects have already been supported with donations from bluu


bluu has supported clean drinking water projects in so many countries

Viva con Agua Business Club

We at bluu are members of the Viva con Agua Social Business Club.

This pursues the following main goal: With their annual contributions, the members ensure that 100% of all donations generated for Viva con Agua flow directly into the projects. The so-called "overhead costs", which are incurred in the areas of administration, communication and marketing and are very important for Viva con Agua, are financed by the members of the business club.

bluu meets regularly with like-minded people in the Viva con Agua Business Club in order to achieve this goal together.

The Business Club is intended to create space for encounters and is a place of creativity, innovation and development. Entrepreneurs and executives from various fields such as art, sports, music, business and politics meet at eye level. In the age of digitization, the Business Club brings people together directly and personally, all of whom are pursuing the goal of shaping our future positively in the long term.

The Business Club offers the opportunity to maintain and expand the network in the long term and stands for the diversity of the entrepreneurial Viva con Agua network.

Do you also want to donate?

That's how it's done!

With every purchase of a bluu product, 1% of the profit goes to Viva con Agua. In this way, together with us, you support projects with the overarching goal: WATER FOR EVERYONE, EVERYONE FOR WATER.