About Us

Founders with ideas

It all started on a Saturday when Roman was once again lugging home a heavy bottle of detergent after a shopping spree. This experience was to change the way people wash. Because the annoyance about the impractical detergent was so great that it was also discussed at dinner that evening with his colleague Marko.

As environmental fans and zero-waste advocates with an interest in innovative brands, we asked ourselves: “Why is there no contemporary offer in the detergent sector? A sustainable detergent without any plastic, with an environmentally friendly and easy-to-transport packaging?”.

It was quickly decided: We wanted to offer a solution together that contributes to a plastic-free world and that allows washing with a clear conscience!


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The future is blue

One thing is clear to us: it shouldn't stop with washing strips! We would like to develop more smart and sustainable solutions for everyday life.

As with the bluu laundry strips, it is very important to us that we always stand 100% behind the ideas that we bring to the market. Since the environment is the focus of all solutions and we want to give something back from our success, we have been supporting the water projects of Viva con Agua since our foundation.

We wish you happy washing - with a clear conscience! Your team bluu