5 washing tips on how to wash baby clothes properly

Just like the new family member, the baby linen also needs special attention, care and attention. Once the baby has moved in, the mountain of laundry usually increases drastically.

But don't worry: With the right tips and tricks, the laundry can be done in no time at all and the baby's clothes will be clean again.

We will show you how to wash your baby clothes properly and which detergent is the right one for babies.

Laundry is not just laundry, stain is not just stain. At the latest when you have children, you become acquainted with stains that are stubborn and absolutely do not want to go away - despite expensive agents and powders. The more chemical, the more efficient, that's often the motto. But chemical clubs are not at all compatible with delicate baby skin. What to do?

We have put together some home remedies and tips for you on the subject of washing baby clothes.

  • Wash baby clothes before wearing them for the first time
  • The right detergent for babies
  • Do not add fabric softener to baby detergent
  • Gall soap against stains
  • sun against discoloration)

Wash before wearing

Babies have sensitive skin and this should only come into contact with water and natural products. Of course, this also applies to the clothes they wear - and most likely also put them in their mouths.

Newly bought baby clothes (including those given as gifts) should therefore be washed before wearing them for the first time ! Because this often still contains harmful residues from impregnation agents and dyeing or came into contact with other chemicals during production or storage. Not to mention all the hands that touched the baby clothes in the store.

Also remember: not only the clothes belong in the machine. Baby bedding, cheesecloth, and stuffed animals are also most likely chemically treated and should be "detoxified" before they come into contact with your baby.

The right baby detergent

What is the best way to wash baby clothes? There are special, sensitive detergents for babies on the market. They are particularly kind to the skin and gentle , but are usually a bit more expensive than "normal" detergents.

But be careful: the terms "gentle" or "sensitive" are no guarantee for "free from harmful substances". Pay attention to the ingredients: The baby detergent should be perfume-free.

Have you tried blu yet? Our bluu wash strips without fragrance are very suitable as baby detergents. The washing strips have met the high test requirements of Dermatest and received the Dermatest seal "very good".

You are free from:

  • Perfume
  • plastic
  • microplastics
  • parabens
  • brighteners
  • bleaches
  • dyes
  • preservatives

The wash strips are also suitable for delicate fabrics such as wool, silk and cashmere and can even be used for hand washing . bluu is therefore perfect for the whole family.

Try it now with a 30-day money-back guarantee:

Gall soap as the best stain remover

Gall soap is ideal as a stain remover for baby clothes. Whether milk stains, porridge or vomit, gall soap will deal with most stains. Of course, this home remedy is unsuitable for vegans because it mainly consists of beef bile. You can use vegan curd soap instead . Solid gall soap works better than liquid soap and even saves on waste. If it is a sensitive item of clothing, first test on an inconspicuous area to see whether the textile dye is coming off.

How should you wash with gall soap?

  1. First wash the garment in cold water
  2. Immediately rub the affected area with gall soap
  3. Then you can put the clothes in the washing machine with the rest of the baby clothes and wash them with the detergent of your choice

Remove stains and discoloration with the help of the sun

Some stains can be particularly stubborn and still remain visible despite washing with gall soap. Breast milk, for example, reveals itself as discoloration on clothing over time. The often fed carrot pulp leaves stubborn stains due to the beta-carotene, which can still be visible after washing - especially if the pulp has dried on the clothing.

How to remove stains with the help of the sun:

Lay the clothes out in the sun, preferably damp. When UV light hits a wet piece of clothing, hydrogen peroxide causes a bleaching effect, which attacks and destroys the dirt particles on the baby's laundry. The stain usually disappears after a few hours .

What else you can pay attention to so that you can enjoy your baby clothes for a particularly long time

No hand wash: Don't let the stains dry in, treat them immediately if possible. For example, once the gall soap has been rubbed in, the clothes can stay put until you run the next machine.

No hand washing: You will not have much time for hand washing, so always check the label and prefer materials that can be washed at 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Baby bedding should withstand at least 60 degrees.

Organic instead of mass-produced goods: Organic fabrics are not only good for the environment, but also for baby's skin. Pay attention to the corresponding seals when buying.

Second-hand instead of new: Your baby grows so quickly at the beginning that most bodysuits and pants can only be worn a few times. Ask around for worn clothes or rent them. (Rent organic baby clothes in a package, for example at www.oioioibaby.ch )

    Would you like to give your washing routine an update and wash in an environmentally and baby-friendly way in the future? Then take a look at our allergen-free detergent.

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