Washing jeans: 10 tips for perfect care

Jeans were originally made for the working class and can therefore withstand quite a lot. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you can enjoy your jeans for as long as possible.

How to properly wash and care for your jeans.

Wear five to six times before washing

Don't know how often to wash your jeans? As a guideline, wear five to six times before a wash.

Always turn jeans inside out

If you turn them inside out , the color of your jeans stays rich longer. You can also avoid unsightly discolouration.

Wash jeans at 30 to a maximum of 40 degrees

The motto is: the colder, the better for your jeans. She doesn't like heat. Ideally, you can wash your jeans at 30, max. 40 degrees . But to be on the safe side, take a look at the jeans label.

Select normal or gentle cycle

The normal washing program is usually sufficient. If you want to be on the safe side, go for the gentle cycle, especially if your jeans have a lot of stretch. We recommend 800 to a maximum of 1000 revolutions .

Skip the fabric softener

Fabric softener is generally out. Your jeans made of or with stretch fabric also lose their elasticity when treated with fabric softener. So don't use fabric softener .

bluu washing strips for all jeans

The most important thing when choosing the detergent: Never use a heavy-duty detergent because of the bleach it contains. bluu wash strips are perfect for jeans, both light and dark. Among other things, they are free from:

  • brighteners
  • bleaches
  • dyes

Test the bluu wash strips

Pre-treat stains

Since you only wash the jeans at 30 degrees, you should pre-treat stubborn stains.

You can pre-treat the stain with some cold water and gall soap or try to brush the stain very lightly .

More stain removal tips .

Not in the dryer

As mentioned before, jeans don't like heat, so neither does a dryer. It is best to dry them lying on a drying rack , the clothesline also works. The jeans should not be exposed to direct sunlight because of the risk of fading.

remove odors

If your jeans smell but are otherwise clean, you can let them air out in the fresh air instead of washing the jeans. Another tip to remove odors: hang the jeans in the bathroom while you enjoy a shower or a bath. The steam can help.

kill bacteria

Hygienic, washing without jeans? Place the jeans in a plastic bag in the freezer and leave overnight. Kills bacteria and odors too.

You can find even more washing tips on ourblog .

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