Tumble dryers and drying racks: the advantages and disadvantages

There are two ways to dry your freshly washed laundry. Either you put them in the tumble dryer or you hang them up on the drying rack. What's better for your laundry?

In addition to your personal preference, the living and space situation also plays a role. Not everyone has a tumble dryer (also called a tumbler, clothes pump dryer or condenser dryer ) or a long clothesline in the garden.
The material of the clothing also determines whether it is air-dried or machine-dried.

But if you have a choice, there are clear advantages and disadvantages.

We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the tumble dryer and the drying rack

In summer, laundry dries in the sun in next to no time and smells wonderfully fresh. In autumn this is more time-consuming and unpredictable with the weather - so to be on the safe side, put it in the dryer. What other pros and cons are there?

Advantages of hanging laundry

Save money: Because you don't use electricity to hang up the laundry, you save on energy costs and money.
Protect the environment: This variant is also much more environmentally friendly.
Take care of your clothes: Your clothes also suffer less and stay beautiful for longer.
No ironing: If you take the time to hang up your laundry carefully, you will save yourself the hassle of ironing afterwards.

            Where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages.

            Disadvantages hanging laundry

            Time-consuming: You save electricity, but hanging up the laundry eats up a lot of time.
            Space intensive: Laundry takes up space. If you only have a small drying room or a drying rack in your apartment, you are extremely limited.
            Danger of mould: If you dry indoors, you have to ventilate regularly to get the moisture out again.
            Danger of pollen: allergy sufferers should not hang up their laundry outside. Pollen can get stuck in clothing.

                  Benefits of tumble dryers

                  Drying with the bluu balls : you save electricity, time and therefore money. You can also omit the fabric softener. Why? More on that here on the blog .
                  Efficient: A disadvantage when hanging, a clear advantage here. Put the laundry in, press the button, done.
                  Space-saving : The tumbler stands in its place and does not take up space in the garden or in the apartment.
                  Fast: Whether winter, summer, rain or sun - your laundry dries quickly and easily.
                  Cuddly: The laundry from the dryer is supple, fragrant and cuddly.

                    Disadvantages of tumble dryers

                    Electricity consumers: Your tumbler eats up electricity and money.
                    Harmful to the environment: Therefore definitely the worse option for your sustainable lifestyle.
                    Shrinkage: Not all fabrics are suitable for the dryer, some can shrink - very annoying
                    Loss of quality: The wear and tear of clothing is higher if the dryer is used regularly. The clothing may get lint or holes.

                    Of course, you decide for yourself which points are more important to you.

                    What else do you have to consider when drying laundry? We give you some tips

                    Pay attention to the label

                    Before you put an item of clothing in the dryer, you should check the care symbols on the label. Not all fabrics are suitable for this and could break or break.

                    Do you see this symbol: laundry can be put in the dryer.

                    Special fabrics and clothes

                    Delicate textiles should not be tumble dried because their fibers could break. Garments made of synthetic fibers also do not tolerate the heat well and could melt.

                    Under no circumstances should this be put in the tumble dryer:

                    • Silk, cashmere, pure wool and viscose
                    • Synthetic fibers such as polyamide or polyacrylic
                    • Tights, bras and lingerie
                    • T-shirts with prints
                    • Socks with plastic nubs
                    • Bath rug with rubber backing

                    You should therefore generally hang up expensive and high-quality clothing because it protects the material.

                    bed linen and towels

                    The rule of thumb is: laundry that you can wash at 60 degrees can also be machine dried. It even gets really fluffy.

                    This can easily go in the tumble dryer:

                    • bedding
                    • bath and hand towels
                    • kitchen and cleaning towels
                    • socks
                    • cotton underwear

                    Sustainable washing with bluu

                    The bluu washing strips is the new generation of environmentally friendly laundry detergent, delivered straight to your door. Biodegradable, 100% plastic-free and particularly gentle on laundry and skin.

                    And with our bluu balls, the drying program ends faster, so you save electricity and money. In addition, these dryer balls are free of chemicals and fragrances, and are therefore more environmentally friendly than, for example, drying towels.

                    Order online now and benefit. Free delivery and 30-day money-back guarantee.

                    Test now


                    In the past, most jeans were made of pure cotton and could easily be put in the dryer. Today, however, they often contain acrylic and elastane. So pay attention to the label and any washing instructions.

                    • Pure cotton: suitable for tumble drying
                    • Synthetic fibers such as acrylic or polyester: do not dry
                    • High stretch content: risk of shrinkage, do not dry
                    • Ripped Jeans: Risk of tearing, do not dry

                    Does it have to be fast? You can throw your jeans in the dryer for a maximum of 30 minutes on a low heat and gentle cycle, remove them while they are still damp and let them dry on the line.

                    The right program

                    Newer dryer models have a variety of programs, tailored to the respective load of laundry. Pay attention to a low drying temperature and choose the right program.

                    The energy consumption of a full machine of towels is greater than that of cotton underwear, for example. So you can not only protect the laundry, but also your electricity consumption.

                    Do you need more tips about washing? You can find more posts here.

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