Washing wool: 6 tips on how to do it right

Can you wash wool in the washing machine or does it break? Wool needs a little more attention when washing, but with these six tips from bluu you can wash your woolen clothes easily and safely.

#1 Do not wash wool too hot

Wool does not tolerate hot water, which is why washing at the right temperature is very important. Make sure that the water is no more than 30 degrees hot , whether you wash your woolen clothes in the machine or by hand.

#2 Wash wool on the wool cycle

Most washing machines have a wool cycle and/or a gentle cycle. This is the right choice for you, because wool should be washed as gently as possible so that the material does not become matted or warped.

  • If possible, choose the wool or gentle cycle
  • Wash wool at 600 to a maximum of 800 rpm
  • If you are unsure, wash by hand

Don't forget: Please check the care label first if your wool sweater prefers to be hand washed.

Use #3 bluu to wash wool

Wool, whether merino wool or cashmere wool, is a natural product that is very sensitive.

When it comes to detergent, it is important that it is free of enzymes and brighteners – wool does not tolerate that very well.

Our washing strips are free of both and are ideal for your woolen clothing. Both in the washing machine and for hand washing (by the way, you can find out how to wash by hand here .). And please leave out the fabric softener !

Try the bluu wash strips now!

#4 Treat stains gently

If your woolen clothing has gotten a stain, a gentle approach is also desirable here. No aggressive stain removers and no strong rubbing is recommended.

Instead, dissolve some bluu cleaning strips in water and gently dab the stain with it . You can also use a brush for this. Repeat the process if necessary.

#5 As little as possible, as much as necessary

Especially with sensitive wool, the less washed, the better .

Did you know that wool can clean itself? The interior consists of two types of fibers, one of which absorbs more moisture than the other. This causes the fibers to rub against each other, thus separating dirt. The dirt doesn't stick as well.

So if your woolen clothes smell a little but are actually still clean, hang them up to air them out .

Wear a t-shirt under your wool sweater so that the sweat doesn't absorb into the wool. This keeps the sweater fresh for longer.

#6 Dry the wool while lying down

Wool takes a comparatively long time to dry really well. And because you only wash them on the gentle or wool cycle (with a low spin speed), the clothes will be quite wet.

  • Don't wring it out!
  • Lay your woolen clothing on a towel, roll it up and gently squeeze out the excess water.
  • It is best to dry your wool lying down on a drying rack.
  • It's better not to hang up the wool , that will stretch the fibers and your clothes will run out.

You can find more valuable tips in our washing wiki .

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