Especially if the gloves are made of a delicate fabric, you should not wash them too often. Depending on the material, care varies.

Please always consult the care label first.

Cotton gloves

They are easy to care for and often tolerate washing in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees. No dryer.

Fleece gloves

You can usually wash fleece gloves in the washing machine at 30 degrees and a low spin speed.

Synthetic ski gloves

You prefer to wash them by hand. Mix some bluu washing strips with warm water and let your ski gloves soak for about 30 to 60 minutes.

leather gloves

Hand wash only and never fully immerse in water. You can wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them air dry.

You can find out exactly how to proceed with a hand wash here:

This is how handwashing works

And here you can find out more about the care of GORE-TEX® gloves .

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