Clothing made from wood fibers: the right care for Lyocell

Today's blog post is not, as usual, only about the care and cleaning of clothes. Today we would like to introduce you to textiles made from wood fibers/lyocell from the Swiss company Muntagnard and highlight their advantages. We will also show you why it is important not only to focus on sustainability when it comes to washing, but also to pay attention to it when buying clothes.

Unfortunately, the cycle of fast fashion is more devastating than ever in 2022, which is why we start the article with a few facts and figures.

Did you know that

  • Mr. and Mrs. Swiss buy an average of 60 new items of clothing?
  • About 40% of them are never or hardly worn at all?
  • Every year more than six kilograms of clothes end up in the old clothes collection - per person?
  • But only about 20% of this is really used as clothing? The rest will be burned!

Bad fast fashion

The numbers basically speak for themselves: This fashion cycle (also called fast fashion) is fatal and devastating for our environment. Because the production of clothing consumes an incredible number of resources: a pair of cotton jeans, for example, uses around 8000 liters of water before it is produced. The pesticides used contaminate groundwater and soil. The long transport routes until the jeans from India are in your closet cause a lot of CO₂. Not to mention the miserable working conditions of the workers who made your garment.

Break the fashion cycle

It is therefore essential to break this cycle. Focusing on sustainable fashion, wearing clothes longer and washing less are important steps in this direction.

Like bluu, the Swiss company Muntagnard is aware of these problems and both approach this topic in their own way.

The label Muntagnard

The Bündner fashion label Muntagnard has been creating sustainable clothing next level since 2016. It is particularly important to them to create high-quality, stylish and comfortable products made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. "All our products are based on our highest standards of sustainability and responsibility," explains co-founder Dario. "If there is no solution on the market that meets our requirements, then we develop it ourselves."

The LEGNA line

This is how her line LEGNA (= wood) came about: The first piece of clothing in the world with the plastic-free certificate from flustix! The t-shirts are made from 100% wood-based fibre, namely Lyocell, from Europe and are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

That an entire piece of clothing is made from one and the same material is hardly common anymore. And Muntagnard is serious about this: The entire T-shirt is made of this wood fiber. From the fabric to the sewing thread to the label: everything is either recyclable or biodegradable.

Sewing threads in particular are usually made of material with a high plastic content. Microfibers, which are harmful to the environment for water and soil, come loose with every wash.

Lyocell clothing is not only great for your conscience and the environment. It also has wonderful benefits.

The best properties of lyocell:

  • Especially soft
  • Temperature-regulating like silk
  • More breathable than cotton
  • Less sensitive to odors than synthetics
  • Extremely sustainable because it is completely free of microplastics and biodegradable

What to look out for when washing and caring for Lyocell clothing

The best thing: Lyocell clothing is also easy to care for!

  • Gentle cycle at max. 30 degrees
  • Use the bluu washing strips for optimal cleanliness
  • Don't use fabric softener
  • We recommend not using the dryer
  • Instead, shape the t-shirt by hand and hang it up wet
  • When ironing, it's best to set it to cotton, inside out, without heavy pressure

Here you can find out more about Muntagnard and their LEGNA products experience.

You can find even more washing tips on our blog .

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