Wash curtains properly: you have to pay attention to this

Spring cleaning is almost upon us. A good time to take care of the curtains, which usually hang in front of the window all year round and are hardly noticed.

We have the most important tips for washing curtains for you.

  • How to prepare your curtains for washing
  • What you have to pay attention to when washing
  • How to properly dry your curtains
  • What to do about stubborn stains and discoloration
  • How often you should wash your curtains

Before washing

You have decided to wash your curtains. Wonderful!

It doesn't require too much preparation.

  • Only remove the curtains just before washing. If they lie around too long, they crumple unnecessarily.
  • Shake them out well before washing. A lot of dust and dirt falls off.
  • Remove any metal parts. If the curtain is hanging from metal rings or has other pieces of metal attached, you should remove these before washing. They could rust and stain your curtains or pull unsightly threads on the fabric.
  • Plastic parts are okay, you don't need to remove them . To be on the safe side, put the curtain in a laundry net to protect the fabric here as well.

Woman opening the curtains

the washing

If your curtains have a care label, take a look at it first: it says exactly what your curtains can and can't take. Otherwise you can note the following points.

  • Wash your curtains at a maximum of 30 degrees.
  • Choose a delicate wash program with a maximum of 800 revolutions .
  • Do n't take an austerity program . The low water supply makes the curtains wrinkled.
  • The washing strips from bluu are wonderfully suitable for washing your curtains . They are biodegradable and particularly gentle on sensitive fabrics. They also ensure cleanliness even at low temperatures.

Extra caution is called for with lace curtains. They are particularly sensitive.

  • Only wash them individually and not with other curtains to avoid tangling.
  • If they're stained, soak them in the bathtub overnight with a gentle detergent.

Lace curtains

After washing

Curtains do not belong in the dryer . Not only would they risk shrinking, they would come out completely wrinkled and wrinkled.

The best thing you can do: shake out the curtains and hang them damp again at the window and smooth them down. They dry quickly, most gently and still spread the scent of freshly washed laundry.

What to do about stubborn stains and discoloration

Even when curtains are just hanging, they get a yellow cast or gray haze over time - especially with white curtains, of course. That's why you should put them in the washing machine from time to time. Or if they have other stains to show for themselves. Tips and tricks for clean curtains:

  • Brilliant white: Oxygen bleach is used to bleach out stains and, of course, to bring out the white again. Baking soda also works and is even more environmentally friendly: Dissolve baking soda in warm water (about two packets in five liters of water) and soak the curtains overnight. Rinse them and put them in the washing machine.
  • Removing stains: If you discover a stain on your curtains, you can pretreat the stain with curd soap. Alternatively, you can take some baking powder or baking soda and put it directly into the washing machine.

baking powder

How often you should wash your curtains

It is enough if you wash your curtains twice a year .

Exceptions: They hang in the kitchen or in a smoking household where they pick up any odors and start smelling. Then you should give them a wash more often.

You can find more tips about washing and care on our blog.

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