Washing sustainably: nothing easier than that

On average, the Swiss wash around 300 kg of laundry per year. With this amount, it is obvious that pollution for the waste water as well as high water and electricity consumption is required - all at the expense of our environment.

With simple tricks and small changes you can reduce the environmental impact: when washing, drying and also when choosing your detergent. And you can also save money with it .

While washing

There are three simple approaches to keeping electricity and water consumption to a minimum while washing:

  • Do without the "pre-wash".
  • Wash at the lowest possible temperatures
  • Fill optimally


The "pre-wash" program consumes a lot of energy and is usually unnecessary thanks to today's detergents and modern washing machines.

Tip: Pre-treat the stains immediately instead. We'll tell you how to do that below.

Wash at lower temperatures

The same goes for washing temperature: you don't need to wash anything at 95 °C . You can easily wash your colored laundry at 30 °C and white laundry at 40 °C. Compared to the washing program at 60 °C, you save around 35 - 40% energy, compared to a 90 °C wash even up to 70% energy! You also protect the fabric of your clothing.

Tip: To avoid germ formation in the washing machine, you should run an empty machine without detergent every few months .

Fill the washing machine correctly

Woman fills washing machine with lots of clothes

It's not worth running your washing machine with only three or four clothes in it. Underfilling your machine is not only a waste of electricity and water, but also puts excessive strain on the fabric of the textiles.

But overfilling isn't good either: too much laundry in the drum prevents the water from getting through really everywhere and your clothes don't get clean.

The following applies : A raised, spread hand above the laundry must still fit into the drum. Then your machine is optimally filled.

The detergent

Every Swiss person uses around eight kg of detergent per year. That's quite a lot that gets into the wastewater every year (about 70 million liters in Switzerland alone). The majority of the chemicals contained can be broken down in the sewage treatment plants, but not all of them.

Overdosing is also bad: the more detergent used for washing, the more ends up in our waters. In addition, if there is too much detergent, the machine cannot rinse everything out of the clothes: they start to stink, which in turn means that you will wash the clothes again more quickly.

Our washing strips are biodegradable and completely free of microplastics, preservatives, optical brighteners, bleach and chlorine. In addition, unintentional overdosing is impossible due to the pre-dosed strips.

Tip: Fabric softener is also harmful and pollutes the environment. It's best to avoid it altogether. Instead, use a tablespoon of vinegar when washing: it also makes the laundry more supple.

Vinegar in a small glass bowl

Permanently remove stains

You don't need chemicals to remove stains from your laundry.

These are the best home remedies for stain removal:

  • Our stain soap : Rub onto the stain before washing and after allowing a short exposure, wash the garment as usual. We use high-quality and herbal ingredients such as olive oil from Greece and soapwort from the Alps. As a result, we not only achieve a good washing result, but also a good result for our blue planet.
  • Baking soda : Also a tried and tested stain remover . To do this, put some baking soda on the stain, leave it on overnight, rinse it out with cold water and machine wash the clothes normally.
  • Sun: In the case of discoloration and a gray haze, you can put your clothes in the sun - in the best case scenario, it will "bleach" the stain.

When drying

And what about drying the clothes?

With our bluu balls you can dry your laundry more easily and efficiently! With these four balls, your laundry dries faster and comes out of the dryer fluffy and wrinkle-free, so you no longer need fabric softener ! Plus, our bluu balls are chemical and fragrance free , making them a safe and eco-friendly choice. And it's easy on your wallet too. You can find out more here .

Off to the bluu balls

Drying rack in the garden, hanging laundry visible

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