Natural vs. chemicals: try our stain soap!

Some stubborn stains require a little creativity to really get rid of them. But what is the best way to use it? We explain the difference between natural and chemical agents and what advantages and disadvantages they bring with them. And we also present you the brand new stain soap from bluu. <3

The bluu stain soap

bluu has developed its own stain soap , which is not only easy to use - it is also vegan, environmentally friendly and very efficient against stains of all kinds. The soap is made in a traditional soap factory in Germany and is completely free of aggressive chemicals. The packaging is made of cardboard and is easily recyclable.


The bluu stain soap is a vegetable curd soap and consists of Greek olive oil and common soapwort , which grows everywhere in Central Europe. The roots of the plant have a washing-active effect and have been proven to support the cleaning effect. 99.9% of the total product is of natural origin.

With our stain soap we want to help the forgotten miracle herb from the Alps to shine again!


Dampen the stain with water, rub in the stain remover and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wash the textiles with our bluu washing strips according to the care label.

Particularly efficient at

  • red wine stains
  • grease stains

+ 100% vegan with sustainable ingredients
+ Free from additives and fragrances
+ Gentle on textiles, very skin-friendly
+ Biodegradable
+ Made in Germany

The stain remover is suitable for use on cotton, linen, blended fabrics and synthetic textiles.

It is not advisable to use curd soap on silk stains.

Try now!

The curd soap

An all-rounder: The curd soap is not only helpful for stains, you can also use it wonderfully for body care.


The main ingredients of curd soap are animal or vegetable fat, table salt, caustic soda and water. Olive oil is often added for better skin tolerance.


Moisten the stain and rub in the curd soap. Leave on for about an hour and then wash as usual.

You can also use the curd soap for washing your hands, showering or cleaning.

Particularly efficient at

  • grass stains
  • juice stains
+ Cheap
+ Natural and free from additives
+ Suitable for people with allergies
+ Biodegradable
- May contain animal fat

The gall soap

A well-tried and efficient stain remover is gall soap.


Its main component is curd soap, but the most important substance is cattle bile. In combination with the curd soap, the bile acid also works against stubborn grease stains.


As with curd soap, you can dampen the stain and then rub the soap in. Leave on for about an hour and then wash as usual.

Particularly efficient at

  • grease stains
  • protein stains
+ Very effective on almost all stains

+ Biodegradable

- animal components
- partly with palm oil (“Sodium Palmate”)

The chemical stain removers

Various sprays can be found in common supermarkets, which can also be used to pretreat stains.


Unlike the products presented so far, these are chemical products. The ingredients vary depending on the manufacturer. Bleach, various surfactants, fragrances and enzymes are often included - sometimes more, sometimes less.


The exposure time varies, but the principle is simple: spray the stain, leave it to work and then wash as usual.

Particularly efficient at

There are special stain removers that are only used for certain textiles (e.g. colored or white) or exclusively for special stains.

+ High potency

- Often mixed with animal fats, surfactants and palm oil
- Harmful to the environment
- Can attack textiles and skin
- Single-use plastic packaging

Try our stain soap now. This way .

You can read more about stain removal on our blog .

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