Perfect for sensitive skin: bluu wash strips

Are you one of those people who have very sensitive and sensitive skin? Do you hardly tolerate new products or not at all? Maybe you even suffer from an allergy?

Then blu is perfect for you. We'll tell you a few reasons why you should immediately use our skin-friendly washing strips for your laundry.

bluu consists of only 4 ingredients

The list of ingredients in the bluu washing strips consists of four or five substances in the fragrance variant. That's it! You can read the exact ingredients here .

But to make it short: bluu is free from harmful additives and optical brighteners.

Without optical brighteners

These are contained in heavy-duty detergents and promise that the laundry will be particularly clean. However, the opposite is the case: the brightener settles in the fibers and only makes the textiles appear whiter .

Because the optical brighteners then get stuck in the fibers, they can irritate the skin.

bluu contains neither optical brighteners nor bleach.

In this article , we reveal how your laundry can still remain radiant (and gently) .

Without preservative substances

Preservatives are often used in gel-like or liquid detergents to inhibit the spread of bacteria and increase shelf life.

The preservatives can often only be used in low concentrations and can damage the natural flora of the skin. If they get into the body through the air we breathe, they trigger further health problems.

bluu completely dispenses with preservatives.

bluu is perfectly dosed

What does that have to do with skin compatibility, you ask yourself?

If you use too much detergent, the washing machine won't be able to completely rinse everything out of the clothes. Detergent residues then stick to your clothes, which in turn come into unnecessary contact with your skin and can irritate it.

That won't happen to you with bluu: one wash strip per wash, without unnecessary portioning.

If you would like to find out more about skin tolerance and detergent allergies, you can find out more in this article:

The right detergent for allergy sufferers

bluu is free of perfume

Fragrances should ensure that the laundry should smell pleasant.

However, these can cause skin irritation or even allergies in sensitive skin.

Particular care should be taken with detergents that advertise “long-lasting fragrance”. So that the fragrances do not evaporate so quickly, microplastic capsules with fragrance mixtures are often used. These stick to the laundry and release the scent over a longer period of time. These detergents are not only irritating to the skin, they are also environmentally harmful.

At bluu you can also get the washing strips in the version without fragrance - for particularly sensitive noses :) .

bluu passed the dermatest

Not only do you love bluu, Dermatest has also dermatologically tested our washing strips for skin compatibility and awarded us the seal " Very Good". Only the best for your laundry and your skin!

You can find out exactly how this is tested here .

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