Season change: How to reorganize your closet

It's very cool again in the morning. Sweaters, jackets and long pants are pulled out of the depths of the closet. A fitting moment to clear out the closet and gear up for the fall and winter season. We’ll tell you in a moment how you can get a better overview of your closet and what you need to pay attention to.

  • Sort out clothes
  • cleaning the closet
  • Sort clothes by season
  • store clothes
  • Store clothes properly
  • Protect clothing from moths
  • Store shoes properly

Sort out clothes

You can sort out items of clothing that you didn't wear last season - to make room!

Helpful questions when clearing out:

  • Did I wear it last year?
  • Does it still suit me?
  • Do I still like it?

Give away your clothes or use a second-hand platform like Vinted Mountain to get even a few francs. There are also cool clothing exchanges from Walk-In Closet.

cleaning the closet

While you're at it, you can also free your closet from dust and fluff. Use a vinegar cleaner or warm soapy water to do this . Among other things, this prevents moth infestation, more on this below.

Important: Let the closet dry well before you put clothes away again.

Sort clothes by season

If your closet is big enough to accommodate both summer and winter clothes, then get a better overview.

The rule is: clothes that are in season should be placed at eye level and in such a way that they are quickly to hand.

Clothes that you cannot wear at the moment are placed either at the top, at the bottom or in the second row where you cannot see them immediately.

Tip: Check bags for contents before you put them away for months. You might find some money or chewing gum.

Sort by category

If you want to keep things simple next spring, sort your clothes by category now. T-shirts and summer clothes on the same shelf, shorts and skirts on the other, transitional clothes in another corner. This way you will find your way around faster.

store clothes

If you're the owner of a seasonal closet, you put your clothes away or put them away until next spring (or winter).

How to properly store your clothes:

  • Store only clean clothes : Launder all clothes before putting them away for an entire season. Unwashed clothes attract moths. With the bluu washing strips, this is done in no time.
  • Proper storage : If you store your clothes in the basement, we recommend using a well-lockable box . Vacuum bags are also space-saving. Both provide good protection against moisture and are suitable for easy-care clothing.

Make sure that the clothes are completely dry before storing them!

Proper storage

The ideal storage place is dark, cool and dry . This will protect your clothes from fading, pests and mold.

If the clothes are a bit more delicate, we have some more storage tips for you here:

  • Hang up clothes that wrinkle easily , such as shirts, blouses or dresses.
  • Store everything that deforms quickly, lying flat , such as T-shirts, trousers or sweaters.
  • Store super-delicate clothes in tissue paper or a cotton bag so there are no creases or marks.

This is how you protect your clothes from moths

Clothes moths are annoying. They feed on organic residues such as skin or hair flakes, which is why you should definitely wash your clothes before storing them.

Preventively protect against moths

As already mentioned: washing clothes . In addition, it certainly helps to clean the cupboard regularly to remove residues there as well.

Lavender or cedar wood bags work great against moths and also smell good.

Get rid of clothes moths

If the moths are already there, the only thing that helps is to wash everything and completely clean out the closet or chest of drawers (see the “Cleaning the closet” section above).

High temperatures kill moths: take a hair dryer and blow dry over cracks and corners of your closet to get rid of everything.

Store shoes properly

Shoes also like it dry and cool. To keep them in shape, you can stuff them with newspaper or, if you have very delicate shoes, use a shoe tree. They also don't like it too tight, so they prefer to have them side by side rather than stacked on top of each other.

Why don't you take the opportunity to clean your shoes when you put them away? Because with these tips and tricks, your sneakers will be really clean again.

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