This is how white laundry stays white

Do you also wear a lot of light and white clothes at the moment? White laundry is really fun – at least as long as it is really white. But within a very short time, the white gets a gray haze and spots often remain visible. What to do?

In this article, we will tell you how your white laundry really stays white.

Why does white clothing turn gray at all?

It can happen that color from other clothes is transferred to the white laundry during washing . If a piece of clothing hangs or lies around unused for too long, this can also lead to a gray haze.

But the main reason why white laundry doesn't stay white is often dirt and limescale that get caught in the fibers of the fabric.

Your laundry stays white

To ensure that the new T-shirt stays white for as long as possible, you can observe the following things.

  • White to white : Do not wash your white clothes with colored clothes. This way you avoid unsightly discolouration.
  • Pre-treat stains : You should pre-treat heavy soiling before washing. You can find out more about this below.
  • Correct dosage : Too much detergent will not make your laundry cleaner. On the contrary! If you use too much of it, dirt particles cannot be completely rinsed out by the water and they get stuck on the fabric fibers. This then leads to the well-known gray haze.

By the way, with the bluu washing strips you no longer have to worry about the dosage: One strip per full washing machine, throw in, done.

Instead of bleaching: This will make your clothes white again

In the past, white or gray laundry was simply washed with bleach: many heavy-duty detergents contain bleach. However, bleach is aggressive, not environmentally friendly and above all not suitable for all fabrics.

You don't need bleach to give your previously white laundry more radiance. You can use these home remedies instead:

For white laundry: citric acid

Citric acid acts like natural bleach. To do this, fill a sink with warm water and add a cup of citric acid. You put your clothes in for half an hour to an hour. Then you rinse the laundry with clear water and wash it in the washing machine as usual.

white vinegar

Instead of citric acid, you can simply use a cup of white vinegar.

Against gray haze: sun

Direct sunlight or UV rays also help with discoloration and gray haze. To do this, simply leave the laundry outside to dry in the midday sun.

It also often helps with stubborn stains!

Incidentally, the bluu wash strips contain neither bleach nor brighteners - and are suitable for all temperatures and almost all fabrics.

How to get rid of stains on white laundry

The advantage: white laundry does not lose color like black clothing. So you can try quite a lot with unproblematic fabrics.

  • Sun Fades Spots : As discussed in the last section, the sun often sizzles away spots.
  • Leave baking soda : Put some baking soda on the stain, leave it on overnight and wash it off with cold water before putting the clothes in the washing machine.
  • Pre-treat with curd soap : Dampen the stain and rub with gall soap, preferably as soon as possible. Then wash normally with the rest of the laundry.

For more stain removal tips, check out our post:

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