Wash sportswear properly

Wash functional sportswear properly

"Do more sports!" is the name of the year's resolution of many people and may also drive you to go to the gym more often. Of course, sport also includes good sportswear. Proper cleaning and care is essential to ensure that it retains its quality and functionality for as long as possible.

We have the most important tips for washing sportswear for you.

  • Machine wash only every third or fourth time, hand wash in between
  • Low temperature and low spin speed
  • No fabric softener
  • Turn inside out and close Velcro and zippers
  • Wash synthetic fabrics and cotton separately
  • Hang up instead of in the dryer

How often do you wash your sportswear?

Your sportswear should not end up in the washing machine after every workout. Because, as always, the more frequently washed, the more worn out it is.

Try hand washing instead. The bluu washing strips are also ideal for hand washing: Simply mix one (or half, depending on the amount of washing) strips in a bowl with water.

Machine wash sportswear only every third or fourth time.

How do you wash your sportswear?

Most sportswear is made of polyester or polypropylene and is great for physical activity: it allows a lot of freedom of movement and dries quickly. To maintain this functionality, you should keep a few things in mind when washing.

  • Wash at low temperature (30 to max. 40 degrees) and a low spin cycle (no more than 800 rpm). But please check the label to be sure.
  • Don't use fabric softener! It can stick to the fabric structure and reduce breathability.
  • Turn the clothing inside out and close all zippers and especially Velcro fasteners. This way there are no holes and the Velcro stays good for longer.
  • Wash your polyester clothing separately. Cotton fibers can get stuck in your sportswear and also reduce breathability.
  • Take special care with fleece clothing: over time, small knots form on the surface. So that it stays cuddly: turn inside out, maximum 30 degrees and only spin briefly.

Airing instead of washing

If you haven't completely sweated through your sports clothes, you can air them instead of washing them.

Bacteria like moisture and multiply rapidly. That's why you should get your sportswear out of your training bag as quickly as possible and hang it out in the fresh air.

Don't forget your gym bag

Speaking of a sports bag: it also has to be cleaned regularly.

Take some citric acid or vinegar and clean the inside of your bag with a rag.

How do you dry your sportswear?

Sportswear does not belong in the dryer. Here, too, the microfibers can be damaged and affect the quality of the clothing.

Hang things up – but not in the blazing sun, that affects the elasticity of the elastane fibers.

How do you clean your training shoes?

Your sneakers and running shoes also need special attention from time to time, because they can start to stink. You can put them in a pillowcase and wash them at 30 degrees. Then they are stuffed with newspaper and hung on the clothesline.

The sports shoes still smell bad?

Put them in the freezer overnight! To do this, pack them in a plastic bag beforehand and put them closed in your freezer. The bacteria rarely survive the freezing temperatures.

You can find more tips about washing and care on our blog .

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