Cleaning and maintaining the washing machine: 5 simple tips

Like all other household appliances, the washing machine must be cleaned regularly so that it can deliver its 100%. Especially when it is used almost every day.

bluu tells you how to clean your washing machine properly and what you have to pay attention to when caring for it.

Anyone who does not clean their washing machine regularly and pay attention to proper care will sooner or later encounter the following problems:

  • The machine and the freshly washed laundry start to stink.
  • Germs and bacteria settle in.
  • Limescale is deposited.
  • The energy consumption is increased.
  • The service life of the machine decreases.

These tips will get your washing machine clean again:

1. Run in the boil wash at 90 - 95 degrees

Germs and bacteria can settle in the smallest grooves and cracks of your washing machine. Your laundry will no longer be really clean and will also smell unpleasant. To kill the germs, you need a regular, hot wash cycle.

  • How : set the boil wash cycle to 90 degrees, empty the machine (no detergent needed) or run with boil wash.
  • When: Every few months

2. Empty the fluff filter

Clothing fibers and fluff, microplastics and other small parts get caught in the sieve. These have to be removed over time so that the water can be pumped out properly.

  • Where: The lint filter is usually located on the left or right under the porthole of your machine. How to open it varies by brand, so it's best to check the instruction manual.
  • How: Remove the sieve and rinse with your hands under running water. If necessary, help with a microfiber cloth.
  • When: For daily washing, about once a month. Otherwise, every three to four months should be enough.

3. Clean the rubber seal

In addition to lint and hair, water also accumulates in the rubber seal. The constant humidity can lead to the formation of mold and in turn to unpleasant odours.

  • How: Use a rag to gently remove hair and debris from the rubber seal. You can use a little vinegar or citric acid for this.
  • When: Once a month for daily washing.

4. Clean the detergent drawer

Bacteria and dirt also like to spread in the detergent drawer, which must be cleaned regularly.

  • How: Pull out the tray and soak the drawer in a kettle of water with citric acid. Then wipe it off carefully.
  • When: Every four to eight weeks

5. Environmentally friendly citric acid against limescale deposits

Most anti-limescale products on the market are chemical and pollute the environment. The household remedy vinegar can also attack the rubber seals. Try citric acid instead. It is more environmentally friendly and less aggressive than chemical cleaners or ordinary vinegar.

  • How: Put about 50-100 grams of citric acid directly into the empty washing machine. Set a washing program with at least 60 degrees without prewash. If possible, choose a longer main wash cycle. Finally, carefully wipe off all seals.
  • When: Every few months

What else can you pay attention to in addition to the right machine cleaning? We have more tips for proper machine care.

  • Leave the machine door open after each wash. This allows the drum and the rubber seal to dry optimally.
  • Don't use too much detergent. This not only leads to residues in the machine, but also on your clothes.
  • Do not overload the washing machine. Rule of thumb: A hand's breadth still fits in at the top of the drum.
  • Buy the right detergent. Many agents contain microplastics and preservatives that lead to deposits. The bluu washing strips are biodegradable and not only protect the environment, but also your machine. Try now .
  • Avoid fabric softener. They contain animal fats, the bacteria from which settle in the drum and on clothing.

You can find more tips about washing and care on our blog .

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