Washing strips in the test: is the laundry really clean?

Is washing with washing strips really that much better than with conventional detergent? The Kassensturz has tested and does not find it. We take this as an opportunity to take a close look at our wash strips and give you a lot of pros (and a few cons).

Kassensturz (from Swiss television) recently tested the washing performance of eight ecological detergent alternatives, including our bluu washing strips. ( Click here for the test result .)

The conclusion was somewhat sobering. According to the test, all eight products did not perform well in terms of stain removal. Why is that and what exactly was tested?

Stubborn, uncommon stains

The test stains were really tough: According to Kassensturz, the washing strips were supposed to remove a mix of grass, red wine, grease and make-up stains - without pre-treatment.

We have always been aware that our washing strips cannot do this without help and we communicate this to our customers.

"Getting rid of all stains completely is not our main focus." , explains bluu co-founder Roman Staempfli . “We focus on 99% of stains and therefore on everyday dirt like sweat. For the remaining 1% of the stains, or stubborn dirt, we recommend using a stain remover . Incidentally, we will soon be launching our own stain soap.”

This means that with the appropriate pre-treatment of stains, the laundry will be clean with the bluu washing strips. And it's always enough for the everyday laundry of Mrs. and Mr. Swiss.

On our blog you will find countless tips and tricks for targeted stain treatments, including grass, red wine and lipstick stains.

Wash in an environmentally friendly way

However, our main concern is actually something else: We are pursuing the approach of offering a very environmentally friendly detergent in which we use as many resources as necessary and as few as possible. We want to offer a solution that contributes to a plastic-free world and that allows you to wash with a clear conscience!

Did you know that our washing strips are free from :

  • Perfume
  • plastic
  • microplastics
  • parabens
  • brighteners
  • bleaches
  • dyes
  • preservatives

All things that are used in conventional detergents and help to treat stains and prevent graying - but are usually very harmful to the environment. We recommend using such additives only when necessary and as sparingly as possible and otherwise paying attention to ecological ingredients.

The expert from Kassensturz also confirms that around ten times less washing substances are used with the washing strips than with classic detergents. “In this way, they pollute the sewage treatment plants and ultimately the environment less. And because far fewer chemicals are produced, it's also better for the climate ," says ecotoxicologist Marion Junghans. 

That's why washing strips are better

The added value for people and the environment with the use of washing strips is very large. Here are even more benefits and pro points that are very important to us.

  • Less detergent: The bluu washing strips release 10 times less washing-active substances into the waste water than conventional detergents and thus protect the water.
  • Only inside what belongs inside: bluu is a sustainable detergent and does not contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, bleach or brighteners.
  • Gentle on fibres : Because our pre-dosed washing strips are never overdosed , contain fewer chemicals and no additives, we are gentle on the fibers of the clothing when washing. This means that it wears off less quickly.
  • Mild and gentle : Dermatest has dermatologically tested our bluu washing strips for skin compatibility and has awarded us the seal "Very Good". You can find out more about the test here .
  • Completely plastic-free: There is no plastic whatsoever, neither in the product nor in the packaging. For comparison: regular detergents are packaged in high-density polyethylene. Many of these bottles are not recycled and end up in the regular trash.
  • All recyclable: Not only do our wash strips come in a small package, it's also fully recyclable, which in turn results in less waste. Shipping is also done in 100% compostable shipping bags.
  • Low CO₂ emissions: Because the washing strips are so light, compact and space-saving, they can be transported more quickly and easily and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Easily bypass small flaws

The point that is criticized in the test is in particular the stain treatment . As we've already explained, there's an easy way to bypass this. Be honest: which detergent removes all stains completely?

With the right pre-treatment, stains are no problem at all . From autumn 2022, bluu will present its own solution. Until then, you will find lots of stain treatment tips on our blog:

How to remove stubborn stains How to get rid of red wine and make-up stains

Simple home remedies can also help when it comes to concealment . You can find out how to get rid of or avoid your gray haze here .

bluu customers are happy

Our customers show that the pros outweigh our washing strips. “ Our numerous, returning customers confirm that we are doing a lot right: they are very satisfied with our product.” , tells Roman.

Convince yourself now and test our washing strips with the 30-day money-back guarantee and free delivery to your home.

Do you also have feedback for us? Then please write to us !

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