Bacteria can get stuck in your clothes and washing machine, spreading unpleasant odors. Here are a few simple tips on how to get rid of the bacteria and what you should pay attention to when dealing with bacteria.

When someone is sick

If there is a risk of infection because someone is sick, it is advisable to wash the laundry as quickly as possible so that the germs cannot spread in the laundry basket. Wash the laundry at 60 degrees , which is guaranteed to kill the bacteria.

If the detergent contains bleach, 40 to 50 degrees are enough to kill the bacteria.

When the laundry stinks

If your laundry smells unpleasant, bacteria may have settled in your washing machine. Therefore, run a hot wash cycle at 90 degrees every few months . You can also use citric acid to counteract the limescale.

Also empty the fluff filter regularly and clean the detergent drawer with citric acid.

You can find more tips on washing machine hygiene on our blog.

Cleaning and maintaining the washing machine: five simple tips

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