curd soap

Curd soap (or gall soap) belongs to the category of soaps. They are white to brown in color and have a fatty acid content of 72 to 75%. Curd soap is one of the best stain removers and will easily get rid of most stains. We recommend a solid rather than liquid curd soap.


Curd soap is named after the soap manufacturing process in which the soap core is separated from the soap mass boiling in a lot of water by adding common salt (sodium chloride).


Saponification splits animal fats or vegetable oils with caustic soda into the sodium salts of fatty acids and glycerin. The resulting soap mass is known as colloidal soap and is a preliminary step in obtaining frozen soap. After adding table salt, the soap core floats and separates.

How to wash with curd soap:

  1. First wash the garment in cold water.
  2. Immediately rub the affected area with gall soap.
  3. Then you can put the clothes in the washing machine and wash them normally with the rest of the laundry.

Vegans can use vegan curd soap.

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