stuffed animals

Even cuddly toys sometimes need to be washed. But less is more so that your child (or you) can enjoy their favorite plush toy for as long as possible.

Before you wash the stuffed animal, dust it with a clothes roll and remove appliqués , clothes and buttons.

How to wash the cuddly toy in the washing machine

  • Put it in a laundry bag.
  • Follow the instructions on the care label.
  • Otherwise, wash it at a maximum of 30 degrees and spin as low as possible.
  • Avoid fabric softener.
  • Use our unscented bluu washing strips , which are particularly kind to the skin.

It is better to wash old, already damaged cuddly toys, those with electronics or cuddly toys made of wool or fur by hand .

To do this, take lukewarm water, dissolve a little bluu cleaning strip in it and dip the cuddly toy in it. You can also just dampen the dirty areas and rub gently with a microfiber cloth.

Dry the stuffed animal properly

You can dab the wet cuddly toy with a towel . Hang or leave it in the fresh air so that it dries again quickly. If you have to be particularly quick, you can carefully dry the cuddly toy with the hair dryer . The dryer is only recommended if it says so on the care label.
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