Wash with chestnuts

The horse chestnut belongs to the soap tree family and its brown seeds contain many saponins, i.e. washing-active substances. Chestnuts are therefore a 100% biodegradable, chemical-free, free and regionally available detergent.
How to wash with chestnuts:
  1. Cut four to five chestnuts into small pieces. You can also mix them. The smaller the pieces, the faster the saponins dissolve .
  2. You only have to remove the bowl if you are going to wash light-colored clothes with it. Otherwise you can leave them on.
  3. Put the pieces in a glass and pour 200ml of hot water over them. Leave it overnight .
  4. The next day you can strain the milky-white liquid and put it straight into the detergent drawer . You can compost the leftover chestnuts.
Your laundry should not smell of anything. If you prefer scented laundry, you can add a drop or two of pure essential oil to the detergent drawer.
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