Up until a few years ago, fabric softener was an integral part of washing. Today its use is controversial.
What are the benefits of fabric softener?
  • Laundry smells nice
  • Clothing is softer and less stiff
  • Laundry dries faster and is easier to iron
What are the disadvantages of fabric softener?
  • Functional underwear loses its breathability due to the fabric softener
  • Towels and terry towels lose their absorbency
  • Ingredients such as surfactants or fragrances pollute the environment
  • Synthetic fabrics stick together and wear out faster
  • Fabric softener damages the dryer in the long term
We recommend not using fabric softener or only using it in exceptional cases.
Tips for still soft and fragrant laundry:
  • Soft laundry : Add some vinegar or vinegar essence to the softener compartment when washing.
  • Scented laundry : Our Alpenfrische wash strips smell delicious and subtle. And if you still don't have enough after washing, you can put a washing strip in the closet with your clean laundry.
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