5 tips to save on laundry

Save, save, save: Are you also stuck in the well-known January hole? We give you five tips on how to save money, energy and water when washing.

1 Do not wash at too high a temperature

The fact that you have to wash clothes as hot as possible so that they really get clean is long outdated. Today's machines and detergents can do this with colder water. And because the water is usually only heated by the washing machine, it plays a major role in energy terms whether you wash something at 40 or 60 degrees: You save up to 45% energy with a 40-degree wash. If you wash at 30 instead of 40 degrees, it's up to 40%.

Therefore: Less is more!

Tips for washing at low temperatures

Are you worried that your laundry won't get clean at low temperatures? No problem with these tips:

  1. Pre-treat tough stains : You can find tips on how to do this on our blog .
  2. 30 instead of 40 degrees : That is completely sufficient for everyday clothing.
  3. When 60 degrees : You can wash hand and tea towels and washcloths at 60 degrees.
  4. Avoid germs and bacteria : Every few months you should run an empty machine at a high temperature to kill germs. You can find out how to do this here .
  5. Watch out if you're ill : If you have a stomach flu, for example, separate the contaminated laundry from the "healthy" laundry. You can then wash the “sick” laundry at high temperatures so that it is no longer contagious.

2 Rely on the right detergent

For point 1 to work, the detergent must be suitable for low temperatures.

The bluu washing strips are not only perfect for this, but also very efficient when it comes to saving.

Perfect for low temperatures

Our washing strips are already effective at a washing temperature of 15 degrees. And as you have already experienced: the lower the temperature, the less energy you use.

The right dosage

You need one strip per wash, very simple. How does this help you save?

Too much detergent leads to higher water consumption and eats up money . Your washing machine pumps more and more water when there is too much foam in the washing drum.

When it comes to liquid detergents, consumers tend to pour too much into the detergent compartment. The more you need, the faster you have to buy more. With bluu you know from the start how many washes the strips will last.

Click here for the bluu wash strips.

3 Do without the pre-wash and quick wash program

The pre-wash uses water and electricity and is unnecessary : ​​it dates back to the days when you had to soak your laundry because of the dirt and grime. But your washing machine and the bluu washing strips can handle normally soiled laundry without a prewash.

You should also avoid the short wash program : In order for the machine to get your clothes clean quickly, it needs a larger amount of water and energy than with another wash program. So it's not worth it.

4 Fill the washing machine correctly

Only wash if you can load the machine. A half-full washing machine requires almost as much water, electricity and detergent as a fully loaded one. But too much is not good: Then the laundry does not get really clean and you have to do it again.

Correctly filled means: Your raised, spread hand still fits into the drum above the laundry.

Use 5 bluu balls in the dryer

Our bluu balls ensure that the laundry is separated from each other and the air can circulate better, which means that the laundry dries faster and creases less . In this way, you not only save time and electricity when drying, but also later when ironing. Incidentally, you can also do without the fabric softener. You can find out more about this in this blog.

You can find more tips on how to wash sustainably in our blog post:

Washing sustainably: Nothing easier than that

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