bluu instead of Black Friday!

Wash and do something good

It is considered the starting signal for the Christmas business and can hardly be ignored: Black Friday is back. As always, we at bluu do things a little differently: instead of black, we see everything blue.

#bluufriday just!

Every year... Black Friday is eagerly awaited by many consumers. No wonder: retailers outdo each other every year with discount battles and throw supposedly irresistible offers at their customers. For many businesses, the weeks of November and especially December are actually the busiest weeks of the year.

This weekend you will not find the classic “Black Friday” with exorbitant discounts here in our webshop. But you're still welcome to stock up on a year's supply of bluu washing strips , because we have something much better: the bluufriday!

It's bluefriday!

Did you know that with every bluu order we donate one percent of the sales value to the organization Viva con Agua ? We have been a proud partner since day 1 and support the organization's drinking water projects. Last year we were able to donate more than CHF 20,000 and have already given 800 people in various Viva con Agua projects access to clean drinking water, toilets and hygiene training.

So we turn black into bluufriday and donate tenfold to Viva con Agua from November 26th to 29th, 2021!

This means for you: If you place an order in our web shop from Friday to Monday, there is no discount, but ten percent of your purchase goes directly to Viva con Agua.

Shopping and doing something good at the same time - is there anything better?

What will happen with our donations this weekend*:

  • With the purchase of a pack of bluu you enable a family in Mozambique to buy three blocks of soap.
  • The donation of three packs of washing strips corresponds to the value of a tool with which a water tap can be repaired.
  • With the purchase of six bluu boxes, a family receives a draining rack for their dishes.

*Valid only from 26th to 29th November and specific to the WASH project in Mozambique.

Who is actually Viva con Agua?

Along with the air we breathe, water is the basis of all life and a central human right. The organization Viva con Agua pursues the vision that all people have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitary services. That's why she supports water projects all over the world, according to the motto "Water for everyone - everyone for water."

All donations through bluu flow into a special project on the bluufriday weekend.

The WASH project in Mozambique

Only 30% of the people in rural Mozambique have access to clean drinking water. And only 19% on sanitation. It is therefore not surprising that almost all illnesses, around 90%, are caused by a lack of or poor hygiene.

The Viva con Agua project helps directly on site: On the one hand, new water supplies are being built, on the other hand, it is ensured that authorities, operators and companies receive training and further education to raise awareness in the area of ​​hygiene. You should of course be able to maintain everything yourself in the future.

A total of 175,000 people in six districts in northern Mozambique will benefit from this project and will have access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities.

washing and donations

Even if we don't actually take part in Black Friday, we're happy if you do something good for our planet with your purchase. In your name (in a symbolic sense) we will donate tenfold to our favorite organization Viva con Agua on this special weekend - and then continue to donate one percent per pack sold. Let's make our planet a better place.

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