This is how you wash your winter sports clothing properly

Whether ski jacket, snowboard pants or down jacket: winter clothing is so important because of its functionality, such as waterproof or windproof. To ensure that these functionalities remain, there are a few points that you can consider when cleaning and caring for ski pants, snowboard jackets and ski gloves. We'll tell you which ones.

  • How to wash your ski jacket and pants
  • You have to pay attention to this with a down jacket
  • Dry and waterproof jackets and trousers
  • How to clean your gloves
  • Air clothes and remove stains

High-quality ski clothing is made of water-repellent and breathable material that really protects you from the weather during winter sports.

One of the most innovative and well-known fabrics used in ski clothing is GORE-TEX®. It consists of very thin membranes containing billions of pores, each 20,000 times smaller than drops of water. This fabric makes the clothing waterproof, windproof and breathable.

To ensure that it stays that way and that you can still use your ski jacket next winter, we are giving you a few washing tips here.

Special detergent for winter and sportswear?

There are special detergents for sportswear, but you don't need them. The only important thing is not to use a conventional detergent, as some ingredients can impair functionality.

Our bluu washing strips wash gently, even at low temperatures, and do not impair functionality.

Test now

Wash ski jackets and ski pants in the washing machine

  • First you can all empty pockets and the close zippers.
  • Note the Care label instructions.
  • If the clothes can be put in the washing machine, the following applies in principle:
    • gentle cycle choose
    • Low spin speed adjust (max. 800 revolutions)
    • Low washing temperature select (max. 30 to 40 degrees)
  • Avoid fabric softener and use the washing strips from bluu.
  • You can combine your ski jacket and snowboard pants with other functional clothing, but rather wash separately from other clothing made of other fabrics .

Washing a down jacket: you have to pay attention to this

If you have a down jacket, the washing process is different again:

  • The Down jacket takes up space : therefore wash it alone, without other clothes.
  • wash them at a maximum of 400 revolutions and a maximum of 30 degrees.

Caution is particularly important when drying a down jacket. You can find out more about this in our blog post:

Washing down jackets: the best tips

Dry and impregnate ski jackets and pants

You should prefer both the jacket and the pants do not put in the dryer and also do not place on heater to dry . Instead you can Hang up ski clothes .

If the clothing is dry, you should check whether the impregnation is still holding. Take some water and let it drip onto the clothes. If the water rolls off, everything is fine. If the water is sucked up, you should Renew impregnation .

Clean gloves

As a general rule, you should only wash synthetic or GORE-TEX® ski and snowboard gloves by hand. As always, consult the care label.

How to hand wash your gloves:

  • Remove coarse dirt beforehand.
  • Dissolve a bit of bluu laundry strip in a bowl or sink of lukewarm water.
  • Soak the gloves in it for about 30 minutes.
  • Then gently squeeze out the water.
  • Place gloves to dry with fingertips up.

You will find out what you need to know about gloves made of fleece, leather or cotton here .

Less is more

Avoid unnecessary washes. Sometimes it is enough to properly air your ski clothing overnight. Make sure the area isn't too humid.

You can remove small stains and dirt with a warm cloth.

We wish you lots of fun on the slopes. You can find more tips about washing and care on our blog.

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