Viva con Agua: Water is a Human Right!

600 million people worldwide live without clean water - this is exactly what Viva con Agua wants to change. The holistic approach of "WASH" ​​is used: water, basic sanitation and hygiene measures go hand in hand. Viva con Agua wants to show how vital access to clean water is: because without water there is no hygiene, no washing of hands, no health.

To ensure that the changes have a lasting effect, long-term projects are supported that give people permanent access to water and sanitation. The measures are also holistic and range from the construction of solar-powered wells and water systems, to craft training and support for local water committees, to awareness-raising measures in schools.

As a non-profit association, Viva con Agua relies on an emotional and universal approach to the population in order to activate as many people as possible with music, sport and art and to sensitize them to the topic of water.

Faucet golden, water runs out, child looks, adults in the background

The commitment pays off: Viva con Agua has been able to reach three million people with clean water since it was founded.

bluu is proud to support the Viva con Agua projects right from the start and we are pleased to be able to contribute to achieving the "Water for All" vision.

And how can I further support Viva con Agua?

Become a sponsor and part of the Viva con Agua family:

Support Viva con Agua by purchasing cool sweaters, masks, swimming bags etc. from the official shop (operated by rrrevolve):

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