Men's suit

Washing a suit yourself involves some risk, but possible with care. Try it first without washing :

  • Bad Smells: Hang the suit to air to get rid of bad rumours.
  • Remove stains without washing: You can gently brush out dried-in stains with a soft clothes brush. You can try working on other stains with a cotton cloth.

If nothing helps and you have to wash the suit, pay attention to the following points:

  • Check the label: is the suit machine washable or hand wash only? At how many degrees and with which program should it be washed?
  • In the washing machine:
    • Close the individual parts (so that they keep their shape) and do not wash with other clothes
    • high water level
    • Low spin speed (below 600)
    • Maximum 30 degrees
  • After washing: Immediately after spinning, take the suit out of the drum and hang it up nicely. Do not put in the dryer!

You can find out more about suits here:

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