ski jacket

Both ski jackets and ski pants can lose their functionality, such as breathability or water-repellent effect, if they are washed incorrectly.

What do you have to consider when caring for and washing your ski jacket?

  • Conventional detergents and fabric softeners can impair functionality due to their ingredients. The bluu wash strips are great for cleaning your ski jacket.
  • Wash your ski jacket in combination with other ski clothing, but preferably separately from other items of clothing.
  • Empty all pockets and close all zippers.
  • Follow the care label instructions for washing.
  • The basic rule is: Low spin speed (max. 800 revolutions) and low washing temperature (max. 30 to 40 degrees).
  • It is best to hang your ski jacket out to dry.
  • Before you go back on the slopes, you should impregnate your freshly washed ski jacket .

You can find out more about caring for functional underwear or your down jacket on our blog.

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