winter jacket

To ensure that your winter jacket does not lose its functionality, you can observe the following tips when washing it.
  • Not too hot : wash your winter jacket at 30, maximum 40 degrees and at low, around 400, revolutions.
  • Wash alone : The jacket takes up space, wash it alone.
  • Close everything : zip up and remove appliqués.
  • The right detergent : If your winter jacket is filled with down, you should use a detergent without proteases. Our wash strips are ideal!
  • No fabric softener!
  • Drying your winter jacket : If you're putting it in the dryer, be sure to add a tennis ball or two to a down jacket. Otherwise, it is best to hang dry your polyester winter jacket.

If your winter jacket has a care label, follow its instructions.

You can find out more about caring for your down jacket on our blog:
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