Are you allowed to wash leather or not?

Leather is a delicate fabric and care should be taken when caring for and cleaning it. Because every fabric is very individual, every leather product reacts differently. You will soon find out what you need to pay particular attention to.

Coarse and fine leather

There are many different types of leather. They differ according to the type of animal, the type of tanning and also the intended use. For example, cowhide is often used for shoes and upholstery, while pigskin is more commonly used for inexpensive leather clothing.

This is relevant insofar as not every leather is suitable for every cleaning.


The coarser the leather material , the sooner it can be washed - for example a leather jacket.

The finer and thinner the leather, the more careful you have to be (e.g. with suede).

Observe the care label

We almost always write this, but in this case it's really important:

Please follow the instructions on the care label! Manufacturers know best what your leather garment can handle. If the label shows the hand wash symbol, then only wash it by hand.

Handwash only.

If the symbol is also provided with a water tap, hand washing must be carried out with cold water.

Getting damage and discoloration out of leather clothing is almost impossible.

If you don't know whether and how you can wash your leather product, we'll give you a few tips.

Important: Try the treatment on a tiny area first to make sure the leather can take it.

treat stains

If the stains are superficial, you can try to remove them without having to wash everything right away.

  • Grease and oil stains : The grease must be drawn out of the leather as quickly as possible. Put some baking soda on the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then wipe away the powder with a damp cloth. Don't rub!
  • Dirt : Take a damp rag and gently wipe the stain. No brush!
  • Watermarks : Suede is easily watermarked. You can try to remove these with a few drops of milk. To do this, mix lukewarm water with the milk and gently dab the water stain with it. let it dry

Never use detergents with degreasers such as dish soap. That dries out the leather!

Hand wash

If treating the stain doesn't help, go to the laundry.

We have already given you the rule of thumb: The finer the material, the more careful you have to be.

  • Put lukewarm water in a bowl
  • Tear off a corner of your bluu washing strips and let them melt in the water
  • Let your leather garment soak for about 30 minutes, gently agitating it occasionally
  • Finally rinse with clear water

Wash leather in the washing machine

If you think leather can be cleaned in the washing machine, consider the following:

  • Chemical-free detergent is essential here. Never use normal detergent, as the chemical additives attack the leather, its texture and colour.
  • The bluu washing strips are without additives, without toxic chemicals and are very gentle - and therefore suitable for your leather.
  • Turn inside out: If your leather garment has appliqués, turn it inside out. Close zips.
  • Use a bag : To protect the leather, it is best to put it in a wash bag.
  • The shorter and colder, the better : wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and for a maximum of 45 minutes. A fine wash program is recommended.

drying leather

Of course, the leather does not belong in a dryer. Put it in a well-circulated and ventilated place to fully dry.

care for leather

Once your smooth leather clothes are completely dry, you can apply some conditioner (especially for leather) or olive oil to restore the shine to the leather.

After washing, the leather is sometimes a bit hard. If the oil doesn't make it supple again, steam can help. For example, you can hang your leather jacket in the bathroom while you shower. Only steam, no direct water!


You can treat and wash artificial leather like real leather in almost all respects. As always, please check the care label first. Particular caution is required in the following cases:

Stay away from oil: what makes real leather shiny is taboo for imitation leather. Do not use moisturizing care products, as they cover the leather like a film.

Discolouration: Artificial leather can often discolour and discolour. Therefore, make sure that it is best to wash it individually or with similar colors.

Spin cycle: You should avoid spinning in the machine as much as possible, as imitation leather quickly becomes brittle.

Remove stains: Baby wipes are good for removing stains and add some moisture first. A damp cloth also helps.

Since leather is a natural product, each item reacts differently to treatments. That's why there is no ultimate tip. If you want to be on the safe side, you should bring your favorite leather to the dry cleaner.

You can find more tips about washing and care on our blog .

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